Come to the Stone Roof of Mon village

Monday - 02/11/2015 08:43
The stone roof of Mon village is the relic of Thom Mon commune in Thuan Chau District, Son La province. The historical monument marking the most ancient culture since the dawn of humanity which was found in Son La by the female French scholar, Mrs. M.Coolani, she discovered and excavated in May, June/1927 and collected various types of rare objects; Thereby, it is confirmed that there’re ancient Vietnamese living in Son La. Prehistoric culture of Son La is a special color piece of ancient people in the northwest of Vietnam.

The relic of stone roofs of Mon village has 6 stone roofs, however there’re the West and the East stone roofs with the residence of ancient Vietnamese. The tools found at the relic including: quadrangle flee, axe with grip fitting, ax grinding with one side tacking, quadrilateral chisels grinding blades, stone bracelet is made of core drilling techniques, the tools in disc shape, sketching materials, stripped pieces, and discarded type ... Thus, there’re workshops for making stone working to serve population in the region in the form of exchange.
In the course of excavations at the relic, besides many types of objects by stone were found; the researchers also found pottery pieces which have many floral patterns and some other images. All the objects excavated at the relic of Mon village stone roof are stored, displayed and introduced at the Museum of Son La province.
Come to the relics of Mon village stone roof , visitors are not only visit to learn about the history of human development, but also observing the objects as working tools, stone jewelries, ceramic pieces ...; All of them simulated a part of life for ancient people residing under the Mon village stone roof ... and enjoying the sight of stone roof, the home of the Vietnamese ancient; Tourists  will enjoy the fresh air, visiting Mon village as the bold cultural traditional village with cuisine flavor of the Northwest, and dancing with Inh lả ơi lyrics that attract many hearts.
  Some pictures on the Mon roof stone and excavated objects:


Author: Phạm Thị Tân Thu

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