Tourism Zone of The Moc Chau Plateau

The Moc Chau Plateau is 1,050 meters above sea level and nearly 200 km north-west of Hanoi. The plateau is 80 km long and 25 km wide and possesses 1,600 hectares of prairie.
    Moc Chau possesses most tourism resources of Son La and the northwest mountainous part of Northern Vietnam. In the middle of the plateau locates a climatic sub-region with the summer’s average temperature of 200C and a drier winter than other sub-regions.
    The best tourism products of the Moc Chau Tourism Zone are relaxing and entertainment tourism, sightseeing tourism, cultural and festive tourism…
    Coming to Moc Chau, you will have opportunities to visit historic relics, the Son Moc Huong Cave, pine forest, the Dai Yem Waterfall, the Phieng Luong Peak, and cultural mountain villages of the H’ Mong, Dao people in Van Ho where you will be witnessed Mua Khen, eat ethnic dishes and specialties, and watch and purchase traditional handicrafts of Vietnam.
    The Son Moc Huong Cave is situated next to the center of the district. Standing at the entrance of the cave, you can view the whole landscape of Moc Chau in your eyes. The inside of the cave is decorated with stalactite architecture, which makes you feel like that you are living in an immortal world.
    Driving along the district’s road for about 2 km, you will come to an area of old pine hills with beautiful landscapes. This area is convenient for camping. In the future, a golf course is expected to be built in this area.
    Driving along the main road or the bank of the stream from the three-way crossroad of the Pa Hang border gate for about 4 km, you will watch a big waterfall. It was said that the waterfall was a pink blouse of a woman who helped a man get out of torrents.
    On the Moc Chau plateau, there is a dairy farm and a state-run factory producing black tea for exports. The Moc Chau farm was established in 1958. It is one of the biggest farms supplying fresh milk and tea of Vietnam. Visiting the plateau, you will watch immense material fields and gardens covered with white-blossom plum-trees.
    Besides, you can enjoy river tours on yachts. During the Da River tour arriving at Son La provice or rowing to the Hoa Binh Hydro-electricity, you will be attracted by imposing mountain scenery.
    In the area of Long Luong, Van Ho - Moc Chau where most of the H’ Mong people reside, transportation is very convenient, which is favorable for the development of some cultural villages, the organization of ethnic festivals and distinctive cultural activities of the H’ Mong ethnic group.
    In the area of Ang Village where most of the Thai people reside, there is a race course. From the village, you can be boated to two forests locating at km 45 and Chieng Sai, where the Thai people of Moc Chau and the Laotians communicate in a common language.
    It is expected that Moc Chau will be an interesting destination for you.

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